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Welcome to the world of pure imagation! Let your dreams come to life in a 3D virtual world that's always just a click away. Littlebird Grid offers Citizens the ability to live in a 3D simulation filled with content created by both the Citizens and the Littlebirds.

We release weekly software updates and offer extensive support and maintenance services to both basic and premium accounts. Come see us inside. You'll be glad you did!

Experience what it means to truly live in a virtual reality. With today's rapidly advancing field of advanced technologies, we can now live the dream we've all been waiting for! In Littlebird, Citizens are able to fly, swim, live underwater, create and share content, make friends and do all the fun and interesting things that make virtual life meaningful and unforgettable.

× Grid Status: ONLINE
Regions: 12
Residents: 23
Residents Online now: 7
Visiting Avatars: 1
New & improved avatars
Several New locations to visit and shop
A marketplace for Citizens to sell their creations
Explore the metaverse from your desk
Improved Messaging support
Integrated Dashboard and Web Profiles
Watch videos and browse the web in real time with your friends
New Physics Improvements
Real time chat and more...

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Littlebird is a Virtual Life simulation platform maintained by the Governors and overseen by the Littlebirds in world.

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